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By on February 11, 2014


Update – 2/12/2014

So the critics of the book entitled : Robin Fairborn, The Galdafax Gems, were proven wrong yesterday. I was told by several literary agents that this book was not marketable and would never be accepted by readers. First they did not know what category to put it in and then they felt Dragons as mob bosses, perhaps were a bit too weird. It would appear the world begs to differ with them. This book which I consider my most imaginative tale took the #1 spot for downloads yesterday at Amazon.  It feels great being #1, I must admit. I feel vindicated and know more than ever that “writing” is my gift to the world.

Thanks to all who helped make this happen…something has started here and it will only get bigger!

Here are the results for my books at so far…

  • 500+ downloads
  • One – #1 downloaded book
  • Four books are sitting in the Top 10 downloaded
  • Three Books are sitting in the Top 20 downloaded

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Hey BSC’ers

I have been very busy as of late working releasing quite a few books over at I wanted to share will all my friends here at BSC some great news.

For a limited time all my books are free at

Get those books here :

I hope you enjoy them.

I have some great reviews for BSC on the way…until then thanks for any downloads you do and being a supporter of



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