PalmCon and the convention controversy

By on September 27, 2013

Conventions are a wonderful place where you can meet your favorite artists and writers, you can even dress up in costumes and not feel out of place. Some are grand and some are small but wherever they are, they always attract a great group of people. Until PalmCon 2013 in Palm Beach County, Florida. Where one attendee would take her review about this small friendly event public and start a convention controversy.

Recently….Allie Conti (blogger and reviewer) posted a blasting review of PalmCon 2013! Here is her original post…PalmCon Probably the Most Depressing Comic Book Convention in History, that caused an uproar!

Below you will find my response as an “Attending Artist”

As an author, reviewer and colorist conventions are my opportunity to “meet and greet” with fans both new and old.  It is also a chance to hang out with others who share my passions for all things imaginative.  So how a show like PALMCON got ridiculed in this way is beyond belief. As a reviewer and writer, I am all for freedom of speech. However when that speech is used to slander or harm others this is something I just cannot condone.

I was an “Attending Artist” at PALMCON 2013 and here is my take on this “controversial” event.

1. All the tables next to me or any that I saw did not have “dusty” or “tired” items, perhaps the reviewer has never seen “Collectables”.

2. Some of the cosplayers may have not been dressed in over the top costumes, but they were dressed up and from what I could tell having a blast.

3. More than one attendee came over to the table that I was at and told me how much fun they were having at the convention.  For many of them it was also their first convention.

4. Were their opportunities for PALMCON staff to do better? Sure, but keep in mind this show is just beginning and it had also changed venues. I have been doing shows since 2006 and I have seen many succeed while many drifted away. I judge the success of a show by my own profits and most importantly on how much fun the ATTENDEES are having.

Conventions are a place for creative and imaginative people to come together and share the things they love the most. It is a place where being “weird” is just the norm and quite okay! Outsiders who come to our community must show respect, because we certainly show it to each other at these events. It is okay to have an opinion but not at the expense of others who thought they were attending an event where it’s okay to dress up and have some imaginative fun.  Shame on the reviewer who bad mouthed PalmCon and its growing family, perhaps you should just stay home next time.

I am proud to say, that I was at PalmCon 2013! If PalmCon 2014 is a go…you will most definitely see me in attendance!

Sincerely, Philip Lee McCall II “Imaginist” – Fantasy Author Buy my books @ Amazon or Barnes & Noble My websites:

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