The Prose and Short of It – “Hunting Destiny” by Nick O’Donohoe

By on June 20, 2013


Publisher Notes: The third book in a series of classic Dragonlance tales, now with a new cover.
This re-release of the third volume of Dragonlance short stories ever published features a dramatic new cover treatment. It includes stories by some of the best-loved authors writing in the Dragonlance world and features the keynote story “Raistlin’s Daughter” by Margaret Weis and Dezra Despain.

PLMII’s The Prose and Short of It:

“Hunting Destiny” by Nick O’Donohoe, is a story from Love and War, an anthology of fantasy stories set in the fictional world of Kyrnn, from the Dragonlance campaign setting, originally published by TSR, Inc. in 1987. It would later be republished by Wizards of the Coast – May 31, 2005.

The story written by O’Donohoe ties directly into the Dragonlance Chronicles series and is both dark and poetic. The imagery and overall writing resonates with the reader long after the book is closed. There is an epic feeling to this short tale that harkens back to age old mythological tales. Any fan of the Dragonlance series will find this story both familiar and fresh at the same time.

I had originally read this story upon its release in 1987, and it still lives in memory today as pure written gold. I picked up the book once more recently and reread  “Hunting Destiny”, even today this tale has not lost its luster for me. RPG fiction can be tiresome at times and often good only for a first read. This tale hidden away in an anthology was truly worth another read. The most famous tale in this anthology is “Raistlin’s Daughter”, which I found enjoyable but truthfully it plays second fiddle to O’Donohoe’s exciting and ultimately bitter sweet tale of honor and tragedy.

I have been a fan of Dragonlance for many years, I have had the privilege to meet both its creators on many occasions. In all of the Dragonlance universe, this one tale holds a special place in my imaginative heart. I whole heartily recommend this book to any RPG or MMORPG and know it will not disappoint, especially O’Donohoe’s contribution to this classic collection of RPG writings.


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I reread "Love and War" recently, and 'Hunting Destiny' remains my favorite of the lot. O’Donohoe has a certain style of writing and wordplay here which keeps the reader's attention, and the story itself has a kind of haunting romance to it without being sappy. He did have some measure of success as an author, having 5 fantasy novels published in the 1990s, but its a hard business to make a living in.