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By on June 19, 2013

Hello Bookspotters….This will be the first installment of my reviews that will cover independent press books. As an indie press author, myself, I understand the need for both exposure and getting a review that is unbiased. So hence “PLMII’s Inside Indie Press” was born. I hope to highlight some great indie works or point out those you might want to avoid.

Lets us begin with…

David Dalglish’s  (The Paladins) Series, Book One – Night of Wolves

imagesdpAuthor’s Book  Description:

Wolf-men, savage creatures given humanoid form in an ancient war, mass along the
Gihon River. Led by their packleader Redclaw, they seek to cross the river and claim a land of their own, slaughtering those that would stand in their way. Two paladins, Jerico of the god Ashhur, and Darius of the god Karak, must helm the desperate defense against the invasion. Their friendship will be tested as their gods resume an unending war, and their very faiths call for the death of the other. Together, friend or foe, they must face Redclaw’s horde. 

The Inside:

Like most self-published books this title suffers from a lack of deep editing and runs rampant with pacing issues. Dalglish has published close to (13) books in less than 3 years, so I was not expecting really solid prose going into this novel.  I found the book’s plot and setting to be a rehash of some notable MMORPG fantasy games and that was a bit of a turnoff for me. I did not find Dalglish’s paladins interesting and honestly felt the story lacked an overall maturity. While going through the book, I was forced several times by the plot’s pacing and garbled descriptions to stop and reread passages, just to have things make sense.  I applaud Mr. Dalglish for completing the book and having a great cover grace its pages. Outside of that I cannot recommend this book to any serious fantasy reader. However I think any MMORPG fan would just love the work he has done here, if you can get past the pacing and editing.

The world of independent press has some great treasures out there to uncover, I am off to dig around some more and find them. I wish Mr. Dalglish,  luck on his publishing endeavors and know that a great story will come from him someday soon.


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I tried one of Dalglish's books.  Not bad.  Too much head-hopping to keep me immersed in the story, but he creates decent characters.  Can't say if the plotting held up as I was pretty much only sampling.