And the Winner Is – 7th Annual Book Tournament Finals Results!

By on April 22, 2013

Fair gentlefolk, the moment is nigh when our 7th annual book tournament will be crowned.  The competitors were rousted. The crowds were wild. The results were at no point certain, the lead changing hands and changing back again as the grueling week of voting wore on. The authors were indefatigable in support of their great works, exhorting their followers and friends to cheer in unison for their cause.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the book crowned best of 2012 by our audience…in just about the closest results a tournament like this can have. 50.7% against 49.3%. Valiant heroism displayed all around. But, like the Highlander of 1980s lore, there can be only one. And this year, the one is…

The Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks

blinding knife

Huge congratulations to Brent, and the deepest of bows to Mark Lawrence, whose supporters were just as loud and nearly as numerous. I haven’t ever heard so many voters agonizing this much about whom to choose for the winner. A job most excellently done, both sirs, and fine gentlemanly conduct between you throughout.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the tournament, followed us, spread the word, and, of course, wrote fabulous books that remind people why reading is the greatest sport of all time.

Our 2012 tournament is now at a close. As you read into 2013, remember: next year, we will call for nominations, and your voice can be heard….

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A massive congratulations to a well deserved winner. I want a Durzo Trilogy next!