7th Annual Book Tournament: Last Call for Nominations!

By on March 7, 2013


Did you read a published book last year that could be classifed as fantasy or science fiction? Do you think it might be one of the best 64 SFF novels of 2012? Then tell us about it! Nominate it for inclusion in our 7th annual book tournament, which will be kicking off in a week or two.

All you have to do to nominate is leave a comment below listing the full title and author’s first and last name (all spelled correctly so we know we have the right book), and a brief (1-2 sentence) comment about why it deserves to be included.  That’s it. NOMINATE AWAY! Help us continue the trend of having one of the most unique sets of year’s best books duking it out in our tournament!

And stay tuned for more details about the tournament.

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Touch of the Demon by Diana Rowland really was a game changer for the series. While some lamented it's departure from an urban, police procedural, I loved the inclusion of the demon world and fantasy elements.


The Dead of Winter by Lee Collins is a western with paranormal elents. It features one of my favorite characters, a woman who has spent most of her life fighting things that go bump in the night.


Blade Song by J.C. Daniels was a really good Urban Fantasy with Romance. Great dialogue, interesting characters, los of action.


Demon Hunter and Baby -- by Anna Elliot  Ugliest cover I've ever seen on a FABULOUS urban fantasy--this book has it all--intrigue, great pacing, fabulous characters, a possible romance.  It was awesome. 


Can I nominate two?


Benedict Jacka:   Fated, Cursed and Taken -- these books were so good the publisher took all three and published them in the same year (I really don't know the history, but I have read all of them and they are quite possibly the best new UF series I've read in years.)   If I had to choose between this series and Demon Hunter, there is only one reason this would get an edge (and I won't reveal that reason to avoid  spoilers.)   The characters in this book are fascinating, unique and awesome.  So is the magic/rules.   These are must-reads.