Xanth Gets Book 36; Piers Anthony Visits NPR

By on January 4, 2013

If you have visited the fantasy section at a bookstore any time since, oh, 1980 or so, you’ve seen one of Piers Anthony’s Xanth novels. In December, Luck of the Draw, novel #36 in the series, was published.

About the book:

The story begins with 80 year old Bryce, long past the prime of life and staving off the inevitable—until he stumbles upon a magical box and is transported to a wonderland full of surprises. Summoned to Xanth as part of a wager between the Demons Earth and Xanth, Bryce is given a new body and quest: compete for the hand of Princess Harmony. After that, it’s a madcap adventure across the topsy-turvy realm as he and the other contestants face obstinate obstacles, tantalizing temptations, and pun-filled perils. Bryce does have a few tricks up his sleeve, not least of which is his full life of experience, but nothing could have prepared him for Xanth…

I read my share of Xanth books as a teenager (didn’t we all) and am happy to see the series is still going strong to delight and/or confuse a new generation of fantasy readers! And also to delight and/or confuse us old timers….

MacMillan has an excerpt up on their website if you want to read more.

Piers Anthony was also featured on NPR’s This American Life recently, episode 470: “Show Me the Way.”  You can listen to the episode via NPR’s website.  

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