Fantastic Figures of Fantasy Book Covers – March 2012

By on March 6, 2012

What’s that old adage about March winds and April showers? Because the March winds for 2012 totally pushed a tornado of hot men in my direction. Resounding applause, publishing art directors, because you certainly gave me not merely some rain but some pour.  Poor Damon didn’t fare as well with the ladies, but–well, we’ll get to that.  First:


I feel like Mozart in the wig shop–“they’re all so beautiful! Oh, why don’t I have three heads?”  Except, why can’t I have three winners?

I do have one favorite to rule them all: Jon Sprunk’s Shadow’s Master.

Those eyes…that sword…that jawline…all boil down to two words: Fuck. Yes.

The camera track leads us next to Rob Thurman’s Doubletake (and, oh, how I did):

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

I think the reason this guy is my second favorite is his expression. He’s tot’s giving that zombie the skank eye.  Duuude, seriously, this is the seventh time today. Fuck this.

Then we have Jack of Spades by Mark Chadbourne (who really needs to send someone roses for casting beautiful men on, like, all his book covers so that I mention them in these round-ups).

He does track a little bit lost Salvatore cousin, but I’m not really going to complain about a dark gothic prince in a leather coat with ravens that follow him around.  I mean, maybe if they hover over my porch I’m annoyed, but he might be worth the occasional pressure cleaning, you know?

Karyn Henley’s Eye of the Sword has one of those wide-eyed ingenue knights.

I just have one question: does he come with a rock soundtrack?

Let’s look at John Scalzi’s Fuzzy Nation.

Is this…like the sci-fi equivalent of Furry nation? Heh.

Anne Lyle’s Alchemist of Souls wins the wardrobe department this month.

He also looks a little bit like John Hawkes, if John Hawkes were like…and Elizabethan assassin-courtier. Okay, who am I kidding, I’d watch that movie.

Speaking of gothic princes we have Delilah Dawson’s Wicked As They Come.

Yes, this is a straight paranormal romance, and yes, his face is a little bit…well. But, can’t lie, this pick is all about his outfit. I mean, sure, if I see it in real life I laugh in his face (unless it’s like…Mardi Gras on Frenchman Street) but on a book cover, as a member of the “Bluds”…I approve.


 It was a rough month for finding ladies, with altogether too many paranormal romances and too few anything elses. 

First we have Twilight’s Dawn by Anne Bishop.

I love when we can get a epic type fantasy novel on the list and it is not filled with urban fantasy.  The only problem is too much outfit, not enough skin, but hey, that is probably why it isn’t urban fantasy.

Then we have Shadow’s Fall by Dianne Sylvan.

It may be phallic, but sometimes I like seeing the sword rather than the gun when it comes to what weapon the woman is holding.  This is my type of girl–the hair, the body the outfit, it all works.

And finally we have DD Barant’s Back from the Undead.

She is very cute. The wolves, though, are not.  The over the shoulder look is working, as well.

So that’s it for March. Did we miss your favorite hottie? Let us know who we forgot in the comments!

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LOVE this post! gotta love the eye candy on thems covers, especially the fellows with long hair. Smoldering eyes and and faces that track me from the shadows is nice as well. ;) I have got to start reading straight up PNR, they have the blatantly hottest cover art.


Can you even engage anyone in speed dating? In any case, it looks like most of them would be good to have around if you were stuck, say, in a dark alley - facing a thief/hellhound/monster du jour. As far as hanging out and having a good time? No telling, though the Fuzzy Nation guy looks at least like he knows how to laugh.


That Wicked as they Come cover guy looks all of twelve! Sheesh! The Alchemist of Souls guy would definitely be my top pick - and the wardrobe rocks too. The Eye of the Sword guy looks a bit clueless and effeminate for my tastes. I do like his outfit though. Sprunk's cover guy gives me the willies.

Elena Nola
Elena Nola

Ha! Yes, wicked as they come does not look like he's been around the block enough times to actually be very wicked, does he? Oh, Sprunk's guy is totally creepy but aesthetically I found him the most handsome. But probably not the one I sidle up to at speed dating and really try to engage, lol