Wheel of Time Trade Paperback Release – coming 2012

By on January 26, 2012

Tor announced this week that Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series will be re-released in trade paperback starting in 2012:

The Eye of the World is scheduled for May 2012, The Great Hunt for June 2012, and The Dragon Reborn for July 2012.

The artwork for all three books will be the same as was used for the ebooks, but this will be the first use in a print book for the covers. Full news bit and all three covers at tor.com.  

In my opinion, the artwork from the original books was pretty terrible and by now pretty dated. I like the new look better, although it’s also pretty minimal.  What do y’all think about the new covers? If you were new to fantasy and had never heard of WOT or Robert Jordan, would you pick up one of these books or would it not look fantastical enough to pique your interest?

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