Fantastic Figures of Fantasy Book Covers: November 2011

By on November 15, 2011

November turned out to be one of those months where Damon had a ton of girls and I had almost no guys I was willing to look twice at, but oh, my, my were the ones I did have winners. In some cases two-for-ones.  So while he might have the quantity here, ladies, no worries–I’ve got the quality. And as we all know, one pair of Jimmy Choos is worth a closetful of Payless.


First up is the duo on Brandon Sanderson’s latest Mistborn book, The Alloy of Law.

Oh, goodness, I don’t know which one is cuter.  These guys are my 1 and 2 for the month, no doubt. The coat and that collar, or the hat? Steampunk goggles or shotgun? Mm, well, when you put it that way, gun. He can get me through the zombie apocalypse.

Second for this month are the two guys on Michael Sullivan’s Theft of Swords.

In this case I don’t have to think too hard about which one is better: the knight. His squire is pretty cute, too, though, for sure. 

My last pick for this month is the (presumably) titular hunter on The Hunter by Theresa Meyers.

Aside from his nice clean-cut look and pretty blue eyes, he has a laser gun. It’s literally Firefly plus Star Wars in the weapons department. Although if that means he’s Mal Solo, then a girl has to just quit while she’s behind.

Pickin’s were slim, so I have no second-tiers. If I missed a hottie, let me know in the comments!


This was a very Urban Fantasy Skewed release month!  That always means some pretty awesome girls on covers.

First we have M.L.N. Hanover’s Killing Rites.


The tattoo is good and sexy, a bit more than just your regular tramp stamp.  The woman is stunning.  The only problem with this is the bird, I mean who likes birds, you try getting hot and heavy with a woman and a damn bird is staring at you, crowing–or heaven forbid it pecks at your junk!

 Then we have Lynn Viehl’s Nightshine.

The tattoo doesn’t do it for me on this one, but the woman does.  She seems strong and sexy.  A turtle tattoo, though? Just not for me.

 Next up is Allie Beckstrom in the latest of Devon Monk’s series, Magic on the Line.

A sword, a gun, and a girl that is pretty and looks like she can have fun.  Don’t think we need any more, do we?

Second tier starts with Flesh and Blood by Kristin Painter.

Sometimes you need to bring a little something exotic to the table. Sexy gothy silver-haired sword-fighter pretty much covers it.

Next up is Yasmine Galenorn’s Courting Darkness.

Fun, fun, fun, and, well, sexy, even if it’s just a hair on the cartoony side.

Then we have Christine Warren’s Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale.

The smooth skin we see is exciting, I just wish we could see a little more of the whole package.

Last up is our first Warhammer 40K book to show up on the ladies’ side of the list with Hammer & Anvil by James Swallow.


Sometimes you need your woman to bring the Hammer, and some big guns, as well.

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Honestly I fought off an insidious joke over that as well. It is rather comical ;-)


OH, and the idea behind the cover for The Hunter was a good one (who doesn't like a steampunk western gunfight?) but boy was the execution off. His fabulous ray gun is not straight. The horse is built to not bend in places it needs to bend.


I've got to disagree on the Alloy of Law cover having the best two guys, I'd have to go with the two on Theft of Swords - it think that the expression on the faces of the Alloy of Law cover doesn't give me confidence but the expressions on the guys on the Theft of Swords cover does. What I find really amusing is that it is possible that they are the same people! I wonder w ho would know? And Damon? There is nothing wrong with a turtle tattoo. I bet Rincewind has one.

Elena Nola
Elena Nola

Ha! True story. Resisting...dirty joke...about crooked guns...failing utterly....

Elena Nola
Elena Nola

Amber, I think this might be a case of what different people look for...for me, the Alloy guys look like they have better personalities. Sure, Sword-man might be more competent in battle, but the Steampunks are gonna make me laugh over a pitcher of beer. Therefore they win. :) But it was a tough call, for sure. Also? Those totally could be the same cover models. It happens all the time in romance, so why not fantasy?