NaNoWriMo and a Word From PAWS

By on November 5, 2011

I, Douglas R. Cobb, long-time book reviewer and interviewer of authors here at BookSpot Central, am going to enter the fray of battle and toss my hat into the ring to also earn the laurels of praise that come from writing a novel during National Novel Writing Month. My detractors said I couldn’t do it, but I proved them wrong when I wrote my first YA/MG novel, Lily, Unleashed (aka: Lily the Terrier-dactyl and PAWS: The Case of the Scarlet SNURFLES) from the end of this past August to around the end of September.  The book ended up at 67,611 words and follows the adventures of a mutant crime-fighting pterodactyl who takes the shape of a terrier and lives with the multi-millionaire family, the Quinces, as the “pet” of thirteen-year-old Celeste Quince in the fictional city of Centralia, Arkansas. (Interested agents out there–feel free to give me a ring!)

Yes, I admit that was a shameless plug; watcha gonna do? Anyway, this November I will be working on the sequel, tentatively to be called Lily and PAWS: The Thirteen Ghosts of Summer, which will take place over an entire summer. Lily and the other members of PAWS (Fuzzy Wally MacGee, a Chinese Crested/Rhino; Lucy Marmoset Higgins, a Great Dane/Orangutan; and Prince Alponse Saed, a Miniature Dachsund/Mountain Lion) will still be fighting crime and Be Ever Vigilant in their opposition of SNURFLES. They will also investigate genuine historical haunted locations throughout Arkansas.

My first update on how the novel is progressing will be posted here next week. My 50th birthday was November 1st, so feel free to wish me either (or both) both luck on completing the novel within the time frame allowed, and a Happy Birthday in lieu of cake.

And now a brief word from Lily, the black-and-white brindle Toto-like terrier-dactyl, and leader of PAWS:

“First, let me say: Roar! Next, Be ever Vigilant, and thirdly and most importantly of all, when my first-person adventures get published, buy them, download them, read them, and cheer on the human who agreed to help me propagandize–er–put forth my words on paper, so that they can be immortalized forever!

“That’s enough for now–no cameras, no pushing, no SNURFLES–Word Out!”

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