Fantastic Figures of Fantasy Book Covers: October 2011

By on October 3, 2011

After a long wait while we transitioned book content from Boomtron, everyone’s favorite cover art column Fantastic Figures of Fantasy Book Covers is back! This is the place where Elena and Damon pick out some of their favorite characters for the month from the wide array of fantasy and science fiction hotties on book covers. So without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff!


My favorite cover dude this month is, hands down, on the cover of Steven L. Kent’s Clone Redemption.

This guy has a little bit of that Battlestar Galactica hotness.  Probably because of the space ship and a vague dark-haired, square-jawed resemblence to Captain Apollo. Yum.

Coming in at number two is the man on Ashes of a Black Frost by Chris Evans.

This guy also vibes a little Captain Apollo to me. The uniform is a lot of it, maybe, but also the features. This is like, Captain Apollo 20 years after the settlement of New Earth if they didn’t go all back to nature and he actually stayed in the military and became the de facto leader by becoming the Admiral after his father died.

Number three for me has to be the hottie on Kiss of Night by Debbie Viguié.

Okay, I know we only get half of his face, but in this case half is all we need. This is one fine-looking and dashing man. Is he a vampire, or does he wear that scarf to protect his neck from them? Oh, yes, I ask the important questions….

First runner up is on the cover of High Druid of Shannara by Terry Brooks (and, side note, he’s still writing in that ’verse?).

If I could see more of his face he might have broken the winner’s circle. Actually he did anyway, because every man with a magical glowing shaft is a winner in my book. Heh.

Next up is the cutie with the gun on the cover of Down These Strange Streets.

Since you can’t really see him that well, I snagged a close-up:

Eh, he looked better from afar.  Still, a reasonably good-looking guy, with some hot PI fashion sense. But not quite a first-tier looker. I think his head is too long or something? But still good enough for good times.

Okay, now this next one might have been a winner if it was actually fantasy and not paranormal romance, and if it wasn’t so obviously plagiarism. Unless Harlequin paid Ian Somerhalder a licensing fee for blatantly using him as the face model for A Vampire for Christmas.

See? They basically made his lips thicker and his eyes glow green and not blue in hopes that would be enough to avoid getting sued. Still hot? For true. But in this case the real one is better….

And finally, another is-it-fantasy-or-paranormal-romance question here, with the Angels of Darkness anthology.


You can’t see too much of the guy’s face here but what you can see looks nice…as do his arms…and his wings. Mostly I just really love the artwork and concept here.


The clear winner in the ladies category is on the cover of Cat Adams’ Demon Song.

Wow.  Talk about sexy in that kill you and suck your blood out sort of way.  But still sexy.  And, hey, who doesn’t want to mess around with a Demon at least once?

Up next are the dynamic duo on the cover of The Vengeful Dead by J.N. Duncan.

Some like blondes, some like brunettes. Some like short hair, some like long. Some like bare arms, some like bare midriffs. Some like sidearms, some like shoulder holsters. Now you do not have to choose, because you get double hotness on one cover.

Next we have Sandy Williams’ The Shadow Reader.

Sir Mix-A-Lot agrees with this selection, wow, she fills those jeans.  Although the careless way she is pulling out her katana with her hair blowing right into the blade’s path does undermine her image as an experienced badass.

The girl on Lia Habel’s Dearly Departed is a heartbreaker.

This is a stunning cover, and she is just beautiful.  The problem is it makes me sad.  Sad and Sexy do not mix, but, man, is she gorgeous.

Let’s take a look at Barb Hendee’s In Memories We Fear next.

This woman is sexy in that experienced type of way.  You can just tell that nothing phases her, and she never loses her cool.

 Last for the first-tier ladies is Trance by Kelly Mendig.

The outfit makes this one, wispy! And the fire magic is pretty awesome. Bet she never gets cold hands, even in winter….

The almost made it awards start with Kris Longknife Daring by Mike Shepherd.


The last one to be dropped from the tops of the month.  In another month with fewer better beauties she might have made it as a first round, though.

Then we have Noble Blood by Dana Marie Bell.

The two guys in the background ruin a great cover. Put your shirts on, will you.

And the Too Weird To Be Sexy award of the month goes to Beautiful Friendship by David Weber.

 Listen, I don’t like cats to begin with, but this is a bit too much regardless.  She doesn’t look like sexy cat, but rather just some annoyed at the world cat.

So there you have it…our picks for the smokin’-est cover hotties from October. Did we miss your favorite, or just misrank them?  You tell me!

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The dude on the Kiss of Night cover has the Johnny Depp vibe. Me likes.